“Squeezing into this narrow trattoria on picturesque Cornelia Street is as rewarding as always… Lee McGrath, who currently helms the kitchen isn’t preoccupied with being a one-man industry; he’s just busy making the meals. McGrath invents new dishes nightly…The slightly grainy ricotta cheesecake is like a meal in the rollicking restaurant: a rich, rewarding experience that ends far too soon.”


“…the food served under Po’s new chef Lee McGrath, is as good as it was when I first reviewed it in 1993… Po’s prices have stayed remarkably reasonable… Appetizers are a strong point, with unusual combinations like delicate marinated anchovies draped over a delicious heap of faro… Salads, too, are exceptional, like roasted beets as rich as chocolate, served with artichoke leaves… Pastas and the main courses…. the standouts include rigatoni with cauliflower…. Perhaps Mr. Batali’s departure and now solely in the hands of partner Steven Crane was the best thing that could have happened to Po.

NY Times, Eric Asimov: ‘Where Cornelia Street’s Restaurant Row Began’

“Still ‘going strong’ this Village ‘nook’ is famed for ‘first-rate’ ‘gourmet Italian’ cooking that’s most accessible via the $52 ‘bargain’ tasting menu; ‘not much elbow room’ is offset by the overall ‘welcoming’ mood.

Zagat Survey 2010 food 25 / decor 17 / service 22

“In an era of new, well-financed, grandly scaled restaurants in this city, it can be downright unusual to find a small and personal place that is clearly the work of self-reliant souls. A fine year-old example of one is Steve Crane’s Po, a narrow storefront establishment on Greenwich Village’s quiet Cornelia Street… A meal at Po commences with a gift from the chef with a version of bruschetta-toasts topped with a lush, garlickly white-bean salad.”


“The satisfying menu may include a cured tuna appetizer, beautifully flavored with white beans, raw crunchy baby artichokes, and spicy yet cool chili-mint vinaigrette. As a twist on the typical presentation, the linguini vongole is served with crispy pancetta; and a tasting menu is offered at both lunch and dinner. For a delightful and surprisingly light end to the meal, Vermont maple syrup sauce is poured over a delicate round of flan-like ricotta cheesecake.”

2010 Michelin Guide Recommended